Tithing – Today’s Church Controversy

The subject of church tithing is not complicated and does not deserve the controversy that it seems to retain, even by churches. Tithing is not a plot or scam by the church or a pastor to get people’s money. (granted, it can be projected that way; be wary of the slicky financial pitches by some preachers.) It is God’s way to get money to you!

I also have read several websites and blogs by people that are adamant that tithing is old testament teaching and not part of the new covenant.

What The Holy Bible Has Taught Me About Tithing To The Church

1. Jesus said to pay tithes. (Matthew 23:23 NL)

2. Tithing under the Levitical system (ie. the book of Malachi) is written for Levites (ie. priests) and does not apply to us. We are not under a curse if we don’t tithe; Jesus redeemed us from the curse! However, when Jesus said to tithe He was referring under the Melchizedek system of which He is High Priest. In other words, tithe under His covenant, not under the old one.

3. I have observed that the people that say that tithing is Old Testament are the same ones that never seem to have any financial success! When I observe the size and success of many many ministries, every one of them is preaching tithing and tithe themselves! (Copeland, Hinn, Hagin, Myer etc.) That is too much of a coincidence.

4. I haven’t missed a tithe in over 30 years. It works! Trust me.

5. Tithing does not seem to add a great deal of blessing. It is not supposed to, (see point number 6). The purpose of tithing is a test of obedience. God says that He owns everything and gives us control over 90% of what He sends and blesses us with. The remaining 10% He wants returned to Him. He is testing our hearts and our obedience; He is not being mean and He does need the money.

6. Tithing puts you into a position to receive. It opens the door into His Kingdom. Tithing is the starting point to receive further blessing which comes from offerings which is the planting of financial seeds into His Kingdom. That is what brings a financial (and otherwise) harvest; not tithing. Tithing has to be done BEFORE the offerings even start. How can you get a big harvest from returning to God what is His in the first place? No, you return to Him and then you make offerings and then the harvest comes.

Remember the purpose of money is to build the Kingdom of God.

I heard a story about a Jewish accountant who had both Jewish and Christian clients. A Christian man asked him who was more financially successful as a rule; the Jews or the Christians. He laughed and said the Jews of course! Why asked the man. The accountant replied, “because most all of the financial principles that God has for His people are in the Old testament which the Jews study and the Christians largely ignore!”

Tithe according to the Order of Melchizedek and then plant offerings into His Kingdom and call in your harvest so that you can be blest to be a blessing.

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.” (Deut. 8:18 NGJ)

What issues have you heard about tithing?

I have a full library of dummy books at home. Why? I can understand them!

Think of my Biblical Economics 101 course, as a course for “dummies” (no offense to anyone!).