A Unique Look Into Healing

If you are walking with God you should experience a greater level of healing and prosperity than the world around you.

Why aren’t many Christians experiencing that?

In the dark ages, the church embraced the Greek philosophy of Asceticism which is defined as a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from various worldly pleasures, often with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals. This spirit of poverty entered the church under the rule of Constantine in the 300 A.D. era who took this Greek mind set and added it to the Jewish or Christian mind set. Eventually this Greek thinking over took the church. The Greeks believed that the whole world was divided into two equal parts; the material world and the spiritual world. They were in balance and if you had more of one then you had less of the other. Therefore to “be more spiritual” a person had to give up the material. Therefore, wealth was considered an enemy of the spiritual (ie. God) world. In short, “If you want to get closer to God get more miserable.” This false theology was further perpetuated by the monks in the fourteenth century.

Today, we still see the remandments of this in our churches. There are still Christians that feel that poverty is next to Godliness and that money and wealth is sin. As you will discover, through scriptures and through the renewing of your own mind, NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Christians have been told to not pray for healing. Preachers have said that God may have sent that sickness as a blessing or to teach you something. In short, Christians have been taught unbelief. The church told people a lie: “God doesn’t heal anymore so stop trusting God for healing and prosperity.” Since Christians were told to stop trusting God for healing, they stopped trusting God for healing! The result of that unbelief was infirmity. That concept has been essentially brain-washed into many church people ironically by the church! Most of us have had that drilled into us – “Don’t trust God for healing; don’t trust God for finances,” Jesus could not even heal in his own home town because of unbelief.  (Matt. 13:58) That is still common in many churches today. However, God is calling us back to His Word an His truth. If we accept Him and His ways then we have a right too expect healing and prosperity.

II Peter 1:3 says that when Jesus died on the cross, His shed blood purchased “all things pertaining to life and godliness;” that includes healing and prosperity. Derek Prince said that “everything you will ever need in time or eternity whether spiritual or physical, financial or material, emotional or relational, has been provided in that one sacrifice.”

Just like Egypt in the days of Moses, the world lives under the curse! However, the blood of Jesus completely and utterly broke the power of the curse for you! Jesus’ perfect sacrifice has broken the curse of sin and the released the blessing of God. The Lord’s blessing in Deut. 7 says that health is part of that blessing. That is the level of blessing that God wants for you. Gal 3:13 -14 sums it best: “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.” He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.”

So how do we meet our healer and provider?

  1. We lay hold to the full work of Jesus by faith; we used faith when we asked Jesus to become our Lord and saviour.
  2. Then, the anointing is released and the curse is broken.

How do we exercise faith?

  1. By Faith, we thank God that Jesus took upon himself ALL of the evil Satan intended for us.
  2. By Faith, we believe God’s blessing is our portion; healing, provision, peace etc.
  3. By Faith; we choose to reject discouragement and fear.
  4. By Faith, we ask God for His strategy to overcome.

What many Christians do not understand is that after you have done all of the above, Satan still comes to inflict the curse. That is what he does; he goes around seeking who he can steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) That is his job. Our job is to stand against him and to enter into the blessings. There is a battle to do that! We need to “war” to enter into the fullness of the promises. We accept infirmity to easily when it comes; “Oh, I must be catching a cold.” So we first proclaim that to our friends, then after when we have the symptoms, we take the medicine, then a few days later when things are not better, we think as a last resort that we might want to pray! Start praying at the first sign of sickness by rebuking the devil off of you! When we accept what Satan is giving us we are rolling out the red carpet and welcoming it. We need to remind the devil that he has no place in you. You need to battle for the blessing!

The same applies for finances. Choose not to be part of any depressions and/or recessions. Instead, say “God supplies all of my needs according to his riches in glory.”  (Phil 4:19) Blind Bartimaeous and the woman with the blood disease were both healed because they fought and pushed through for their healing. Jesus said that their determination to resist infirmity and press through for healing was a picture of faith!

How do we fight for the blessing?

Rev. 12:11 says “we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.” The key then is the words that we speak, so be careful what you say. I know of a lady who is in a wheel chair and said one day, “I’m going to be in this wheel chair for the rest of my life and you had better get used to it. “ Guess what? She still is and always will be until she changes her confession. Your testimony (confession) is what overcomes the enemy. Whenever Satan comes around, begin to testify about what Jesus has done! When he arrives with sickness, then tell him that it is written that “Jesus took my sickness and disease.” That is what Jesus did when he was tempted; He put Satan in his place by the words He spoke. Speak forth God’s decree…. “It is written . . .”

Speak to the enemy and tell him: “Satan I resist you in the Name of Jesus and I command you and your spirits of infirmity to leave for it is written that by his stripes I am healed and I resist you, and you will flee from me now!”  (James 4:7)

So be encouraged to fight the battle for healing and for finances.

If you are too worn down and lack the strength to fight anymore, or you can’t see the strategy, then use plan B and go to a doctor. That is OK, but not God’s best. Jesus said that “he that is sick needs a physician.”

Confess the Word of God over your health and your finances. “It is written . . .” and then proclaim God’s Word over your situations.