Equitable Treatment

As an employer and a Christian businessman, there is nothing within the business field, that is more dear to my heart than treating employees well. Colossians 3:23-24 says that Christian employees should work hard to serve their employers, as if they are actually serving the Lord. I agree; but it works both ways. Actually, I think the emphasis is on the employer to set an example to his employees as to how to take care of people. This is especially the case with young employees who may be in their first major working position. To set a good Christian example of how to be a responsible employee is paramount to not only the businessman but also to God.

There should also not be any favoritism towards employees. Businessmen must treat Christians and non-Christian staff the same way. I also believe that if a staff member is of another faith, then what a golden opportunity to let your light shine! Of course, employers must be very careful in today’s society to not discuss issues of “religion” with any staff member. The Labour Act restricts any questions of religion, race, creed etc. in an interview, but is does not restrict employers from discussing issues of faith after the interviewee has been hired. Still, my experience and recommendation is to avoid any discussions whatsoever. It is a better witness, just “to do, and not to tell.” In other words, let your light shine!

Malachi 3:5 says that God will come swiftly to judge those that oppress people in regards to their wages. Underpaying, not paying over-time, not acknowledging Statutory holidays. etc. is simply out of the question for any employer especially including the Christian one. It is the duty of every employer to be knowledgeable of the Labour Standards Act and abide by the rules of the land.

1 Cor. 9:9 says we must not muzzle the oxen. Applied to employees, we must be careful not to over work our staff and not be unfair to them in anyway. There is a point where “the rule book” must be used in treating employees, but there is also a time where the rule book must be thrown out! All employers expect their staff to “go the extra mile” for the company and it’s customers. Does it work the same for employees? It needs to be. I have often heard the expression that the customer is the most important part in a business. I do not agree. Employees are the most important part because, if you do not have happy well paid and productive staff, you won’t have any customers to concern yourself with!

I believe that employers must not look at employees as strictly “tools” or a means of making money. The goal of the Christian businessman is to use the gifts God has anointed him with and to use resources to make more resources for the sole purpose of building the Kingdom of God. There are very few businesses that can operate without staff. Therefore, staff are a crucial element to the success of the business. How we treat them is insurmountable in our goal of honoring God and accomplishing the goals of financial success. Ethics play a big roll in this. I also feel that helping staff to build their careers is another goal that employers need to be conscious of.

How are you being treated at work? How are you treating your staff?