You’re not broke, You have a Seed

The word “Seedtime” is very important in biblical economics. There must be a seedtime, a time to sow your seed, if you are to have a harvest. To have a financial breakthrough, you must yield to the spirit of God and allow Him to show you when it is time to plant.

Being a giver puts us in a position where things can be multiplied.

We say, “I’ll serve God, I’ll sing, I’ll pray and I’ll praise,” but when it comes down to money, we say, “I can handle this.” Or we expect God to back us up through prayer, but prayer alone cannot change our finances.

Wicked folks may go into business and make money right away, while a Christian has to pray all night trying to get a break through. Why? Because money is no good without God governing that money.

God does not want us to raise money for the church. He wants us to learn these wealth secrets – and one of these secrets is that the Holy Ghost will have to escort us through the seedtime period to get us ready for the wealth period.

We see seedtime as a sad time, when it should be a rejoicing time!

When God tells us to sow, we shouldn’t be using our condition as an excuse not to sow. Remember, seedtime is always prime time to your financial future.

The seed principle is the most powerful principle in the bible. This is because Jesus was called a “seed”. The seed is the essential element of transmitting life. The “Word” is also called a seed. You need to recognize the fact that there is life in the seed principle and, unless you can see and understand this, you won’t be able to receive the benefits from it.

To understand “ due season” we must remember four things:

  1. In due season; we shall reap if we faint not;
  2. God has a due season;
  3. his season is not our season; and
  4. we shall reap.

A person’s life depends entirely upon what he sows and not upon what he has.

Like most Christians, I have never given much thought to a seed. I have planted seeds and simply left it at that. How about you?