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Believe These Four Lies and you Will Never Prosper

1. You can’t afford to tithe.

You can’t afford not to! The tithe is not yours and certainly not yours to negotiate. Not only is it God’s but it is Holy. Under the old law Levitical system the Jews (and Christians) paid their tithes as a tax to the temples. However, since Jesus paid our sin/debt on the cross, we tithe as an offering of gratitude. It amazes me that people will give 15% to a waitress but not 10% to God.

2. Properity is the same as money and having money is wrong.

It is the LOVE of money that is wrong. Money has no character (it is simply ink on paper) but takes on the character of the person using it. It can be used for sin or blessing. Financial blessing is only one part of God’s plan for abundance. Loving families, fulfilling relationships, good health, and a life filled with purpose is all part of the package from John 10:10.

3. God wants you poor.

What could you do if you had more money? Give it away and help more people. If the Pastor from your church wanted you to write a cheque for $10,000. to buy bibles for a third world country, could you do it? If not, why not? Simply, because you don’t have enough money. What if you had more? We are to be so rich that we can constantly bless others and build the Kingdom which is what money is for. (Deut 8:18)

4. All the church wants is your money.

No, God is not in the business of taking money from you, He is the business is getting it to you! How? Through His economic system, not the worlds. The world system is based upon work and seeing how much one can get. God’s system is based upon giving to be a blessing so that He can return it to you so that you can repeat the cycle. He is looking for people that He can trust and who are givers. Can you keep some of it? Yes! God wants you blest! However, what he is really looking for is to see if you have covetousness attitude towards money and possessions or if your heart is filled with the joy of giving to others?