Summary Of The Laws Of Reaping And Sowing

The last three blogs were about ‘Seed, time, and Harvest’. Here is a ten point summary:

  1. If you don’t know what kind of seed you are sewing, you won’t know what kind of harvest you are getting.
  2. Sowing should be regarded as an act of worship.
  3. Sowing should be motivated by love.
  4. All human life is sewing.
  5. “Consider your ways” is the key element in specific seed sowing.
  6. There are certain conditions in which God will bless his people.
  7. All our acts are forces; every time we think, feel, or exercise our wills, we are sowing.
  8. Cultivating and watering our seed (through praise and worship) will produce a higher yield.
  9. The very habit of thinking about financial seed planting causes seed to grow and makes a great sense of importance out of it, because you are giving according to purpose.
  10. Deception has kept people from their full entitlement – throwing seed on the ground instead of sowing it; you’ll lose it.