God Will Make A Way

God Will Make A Way

  • Crisis is generally the reason behind feelings of wanting to give up.
  • Crisis is the natural result of change.
  • The crises we face both individually and corporately can lead us to a better life.
  • Crisis is normal to life.
  • The right amount of stress can be used to motivate us in positive ways.

God Will Be Faithful To You

  • Worries center on self; faith centers on God.
  • God is the source of our success, the genesis of every good thing.

God Will Speak To You

  • The fivefold temptations during crisis are: depression, despair, resignation, failure, and inferiority.
  • The basic art of communication is the ability to hear.
  • God brings us to a place of obedience before He speaks.
  • God’s power is released in life to the degree of obedience.
  • Crisis is only the means of exchange.
  • Love is the desire to benefit others even at the expense of self, because loves desires to give.

God Will Restore All

  • Decisions made in pressure and fear are degenerative.
  • Decisions can take us out of God’s will, but not our of God’s reach.
  • Prayerlessness is often a form of hiding.
  • More people miss our with God through impatience than anything else.
  • God will do for you what He has done for others; He will take your weaknesses and trade them for His strengths.

God’s Pattern For Change

  • Transition is necessary for God to take us out and deliver us into a better place.
  • We leave the old and enter the new by way of crisis.
  • We must look beyond the stress of the temporary to the glory of the eternal.
  • God is more concerned with where we are going than where we have come from.
  • God always looks at the finished product.
  • If we look for God only in the spectacular, we will miss the Holy Spirit.
  • Success erases failure.

Steps To Entering And Leaving

  • Forgiveness opens, unforgiveness closes.
  • Always leave the forgiveness toward everyone and everything. Don’t sow seeds of the past into new fields of relationship.
  • God is your source.
  • Just as forgiveness opens relationships, so giving opens blessings.
  • Don’t panic. Keep productive.
  • Bad things, submitted to God, become good in His hands.
  • Humbling precedes blessing.
  • Communicate everything to God, but only what edifies to others.
  • Faith attracts the positive. Fear attracts the negative.

The Way To Victory

  • The place of agreement is the place of power. The place of disagreement is the place of powerlessness.
  • After entering and before leaving, there is a period of abiding. “Abiding in Christ” between times of crisis gives us the strength to endure.
  • God is for you. God is with you. God is in you.

How To Move From Failure To Success

    • To bring us into success, God has to purify us from failure.
    • We must be willing to accept responsibility for failure before we are able to accept responsibility for success.
    • To overcome failure, we have to be converted to the positive, then reconditioned the think positively through renewing our minds.

God’s pattern of success is to purify us of past failures, give us fresh revelation from His Word, and lead us in “paths of

  • righteousness” that end in success.
  • Prosperity is the natural, sequentially-ordered result of righteousness in life.
  • Crisis is not failure. It is only a process.
  • The Power Of Your Confession Of Faith
  • God the Father is pleased when we confess Christ and publicly acknowledges us before men in many ways.
  • When we confess Christ, the Spirit of God will move in us and the power of positive spirituality will begin to work in our lives.

Speaking God’s Words

  • We influence the outcome of our lives with the words we speak. Our world is constructed by our words. Words are potent.
  • As you begin to think God’s thoughts, you will begin to speak God’s words. As you speak God’s words, your life is changed into a place worthy of the Living God.
  • Change your heart, change your words, change your world.