Another Look at Prosperity

Seven Reasons why you may not be Prospering

  1. Are you being faithful with tithes?
  2. Are you taking care of the house of the Lord?
  3. Have you been faithful to fulfill your vows?
  4. Are you being a good manager what you already have?
  5. Are you neglecting the Word of God in your life?
  6. Are you failing to pursue the dream, goal, strategy, or the vision, that God has given you?
  7. Negligence is the devil working through you.

Seven Ways to Prosper

  1. The Lord must be with you. (ie. born again)
  2. Know God’s ways and how He operates.
  3. You must renew your mind and thoughts.
  4. Begin to release words out of your mouth to establish prosperity.
  5. Meditate on the Word.
  6. Begin the process of seed time and harvest.
  7. Stay consistent and committed to that which you have started.